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ONE STEP at a TIME can offer you the following services in the Western Cape South Africa:-



Moving can be very stressful for anyone – even just thinking about it stresses people out! Well, no need to feel overwhelmed and panicky – I’m a Professional Organiser and Life Coach and am used to doing this. It’s not “just a job” for me – I actually enjoy it and take great care and pride in what I do. My motto I work by is “every job I undertake is a future reference” and this has proved to be true. So don’t be shy – ask for references!  

This all started 5 years ago when I helped my Mother move into a retirement complex (Nerina in Fish Hoek) by clearing out, packing up, getting the flat painted and carpeted in Nerina, buying some new things and selling a lot of stuff from the old house. Then I unpacked everything, hung the curtains up and organised a handyman to connect the TV, put pictures on the walls and a few more shelves up. Then it was back to the old house and clearing that, renovating and getting it let out through an agent.

So what can I do for you?
  • Are you needing assistance to move into a retirement home or just down-sizing into a smaller place? 
  • Need me to arrange the removal  company and collect boxes?
  • Need help sorting through cupboards and the garage? 
  • I will sell your furniture. The smaller things can also be sold. But some I will donate and the rest I will take to recycle.
  • Pack everything up.
  • Do you have new things to buy ie a smaller fridge for the new place? Curtains?
  • Post to redirect? People to notify of new address? Clothes to label?
  • Want everything unpacked on the day of the move?
  • I can assist with the moving out and moving in to your new place. I will organise cleaning, tidying the garden, handing over keys and running errands.


  • Once again, let me help you step by step. It's sometimes very difficult to start clearing and you may be feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Don't be embarrassed - I've seen it all - for big jobs, I bring in a couple more people to help. 
  • Your mess is a job for me - this makes me happy!!  I love mess - I love chaos - I love clearing it all up.
  • In just one day you will notice a big difference and  slowly but surely your home becomes clearer, lighter and brighter. 
  • I have an eye for colour and design too and can advise you or help you to purchase new things.  
  •  Sometimes what you think will take all week only takes ONE DAY.
before - messy cluttered room HOME OFFICE 
  • Papers all over and everything in a mess? 
  • Can never find your accounts or insurance papers?
  • Need filing done and new folders and files purchased?
  • Need a workable plan set up? 
  • Overwhelmed and don't know where to start?
  • Your life runs so much smoother if you know where all your papers are whether its medical, insurance, new guarantees or bank statements. 
 Benefits of having a neat and tidy home or office:- 
after - organized room
  • You feel less stressed
  • You will have more time and energy
  • You can now enjoy your possessions and surroundings
  • You will work better and focus more
  • You will feel more relaxed and carefree
  • You will be able to FIND THINGS AGAIN!
  • You will feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
You will then think "why didn't I do this ten years ago?"

Let me help you sell your house as quickly as possible. There are numerous things you can do (at a very low cost) to prepare your home so that it is shown in the best possible light to prospective buyers. Often an outsider can see things you do not.

LOTS OF FURNITURE, garden pots and tools, kitchen things, ornaments, clothes and pictures to sell? There are various options available, so before you give everything away - lets discuss this - let me liaise with the buyers to get the best possible price for you. Even the small things can bring in a little money for you.


I will also assist with "deceased estates". I obtain the best price for the client and sell everything - as well as dealing with Uncle Fred who wants the TV, cousin William the old sofa and the nosy neighbour from across the road, the "special" dinner service. Some items you may like to donate and the rest ie if damaged or too old and stained and just not worth anything - these I will take to recycle. Then the house is cleared, cleaned and the keys are handed over.


Please call even if its just a mornings work - that's absolutely fine. People often find they just don't get around to doing the job, but if they have made the appointment and someone is coming and they are paying - then the job finally gets done! Hoorah! Don't leave it all for your family to do when they come for their visit. And often that one appointment gives them a kick start to carrying on themselves.

 I work in the Southern Suburbs down to the deep South and around to Hout Bay.


  About ten years ago I qualified as a life coach as I felt passionate in uplifting and motivating people and at the same time, I started helping people move and de-clutter the two things becoming more and more combined as time went by.

I found that a lot of my coaching has come with helping people get through the emotional upheaval of moving, decluttering and often coming to terms with the loss of a loved one; it's not just about packing up boxes or selling things. I offer a very personalized service and treat your situation with respect and your property with a gentle hand. I will work with you step by step at the pace you are comfortable with.


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